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Artificial Intelligence + Messy Music Data

Hazel Savage and her co-founder Aron Pettersson have built Musiio in Singapore to bring artificial intelligence to the messy large data sets of the music industry. She shares her own past in retail and streaming music in the UK and Australia, then shares how and why they formed Musiio. It already has a unique and distinctive role in tagging mass music data sets. She shares how that is different than generative artificial intelligence and how AI is a broader definition than machine learning and algorithms. She'll share opportunities across Asia and especially China, and will share thoughts on couple of other leading companies bringing new tech solutions to music.

Guest: Hazel Savage, CEO and Co-Founder, Musiio
Hazel Savage is a music-tech lifer, guitarist, and one half of the co-founding team at Musiio. Originally from the UK and having spent the first 6 years of her career working in London, she spent the 5 years immediately following that working in Sydney, Australia and has spent the past 3 years living and working in Singapore. With 14 years experience in the music industry, the majority of it specifically working for music-tech companies, she is proud to list Shazam, Universal, Pandora and HMV as previous experience.

Website: Musiio
Twitter @hazelsavage
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