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Audio Network Partners with Musiio to Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Audio Network Limited, one of the world’s largest independent creators and publishers of original high-quality music for use in film, television, advertising and digital media, continues its focus on technology by partnering with Musiio to explore the power of AI to improve customer service and delivery.

This industry first will equip the global music company with an added interface to their existing search platform, to make their catalogue of over 170,000 tracks even more discoverable, whilst keeping the human touch that Audio Network has always been known for.

Singapore-based Musiio provides a new way of “listening” to music at scale, easily searching up to one million tracks in under two seconds and supercharging a team of music researchers to increase their efficiency in responding to music briefs.

“AI has been on the fringes of the music industry for the last few years, with talk of labels signing algorithms. But recently, more commercial and practical uses of this powerful computing technology have begun to surface,” explained Musiio CEO and co-founder Hazel Savage. “This deal demonstrates how AI and technology companies like ours can work with a company like Audio Network to protect everything that is great about the music industry, the personal touch, the knowledge of experts and also to create tools that let the team step up to the challenge of a huge and fast-growing industry.”

Being able to search an entire catalogue of music in seconds lets a company like Audio Network keep up with demand. In addition, searching deeper within a catalogue helps maximise track usage, to bring an added layer of opportunity to the artists and composers creating the recordings.

"Audio Network approaches Artificial Intelligence carefully with regard to music. We view machine learning and AI techniques as instruments for extending human creativity, not something that replaces it,” said Matthew Hawn, Chief Product Officer at Audio Network. “Many AI tools for music are clever technology hacks in search of an actual problem to solve, but our partnership with Musiio for extending music search and recommendations is about solving real problems for our customers. Blending Musiio's technology with our expert human curation will mean our artists' and composers' music is more accessible to more customers globally."

About Musiio:

Musiio is an Artificial Intelligence company working at the cutting edge of machine learning technology. They focus on B2B audio reference search, automated tagging and playlisting tools for the Music Industry. Based in Singapore and founded by British Hazel Savage and Swedish CTO Aron Pettersson, the company was founded in June 2018. For more information visit

About Audio Network:

Audio Network is a tech-enabled global music company and one of the largest independent creators of original, high-quality music for use in video. The company’s music is uniquely featured in both high-end TV and advertising productions, through to user-generated content on digital and social platforms. Collaborating with over 1,000 composers, artists and producers, Audio Network has built a world-class catalogue of more than 170,000 tracks of original music spanning a broad range of genres and styles, and benefits from owning 100% of the rights to license this music globally.

Founded in 2001 by music entrepreneurs Andrew Sunnucks and Robert Hurst and acquired by Entertainment One (eOne) in 2019, Audio Network has that disruptive, independent spirit throughout. By joining forces with a global entertainment group like eOne, they continue a commitment to being both artist-first and platform-agnostic, while unlocking the power of creativity.

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